Noticias y Eventos

prosperity 01December2016 See more PowerMundo e I-DEV Internacional ganan convocatoria del “Perú Prosperity Fund”
easy-buy-6-croppedB 28September2015 See more PowerMundo ganó el concurso de Startup Perú
Kids reading - dimensiones ajustados 04August2014 See more PowerMundo ganó el concurso IDEAS Energy Innovation Contest 2013
Noticias y eventos - OEA - JPG 04April2014 See more Mejorando el acceso a la energía renovable en zonas rurales del Perú
news1 26March2013 See more Notes from the Field: Lighting Homes in “Last Mile” Communities.
news2 25January2013 See more Powermundo, Peace Corps and Trees, Water & People Light up Rural Peru.
news3 01November2012 See more Notes from the Field: Lighting Up Rural Peru.
news4 10August2012 See more Photo of the Week: Solar Energy in Rural Peru.
news5 08January2011 See more PowerMundo Wants to be the Best Buy of BOP Products.
news6 10August2010 See more PowerMundo: Improving Lives and Conserving Nature in Latin America.
news7 21April2009 See more Ideas for Changing the World: Shining a Light in Dark Places.
news8 17April2009 See more PowerMundo: Power for the Poor.
news9 07March2009 See more PowerMundo Wins Camino Real Venture Competition.
news10 07January2009 See more PowerMundo: Bridging the Supply Chain Gap at the Base of the Pyramid.